What is Bioboard™

    • Bioboard™ is a 100% environment friendly backing board.
    • It is used in all the Communicate™ range of whiteboards, corkboards & feltboards.
    • Bioboard™ is made from agricultural 'biomass'.
    • Biomass is a renewable energy resource made from living or recently living organisms.
    • In our case it includes : sugar, rice, corn or wheat stalks .. and/or plantation poplar trees.
    • Bioboard™ is soft and firm. It is an ideal pinnable substrate.
    • No toxic glues or carcinogenic formaldehyde are used in the production of Bioboard™.
    • Bioboard™ is 100% biodegradable.
    • In the past, biomass would have been burnt after harvesting... with substantial carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.
    • In using Bioboard™, we can now play a part in reducing such emissions.
    • Bioboard™ . Good for Communication. Good for the environment.
    • Look out for the Bioboard™ logo on our products...