NAGA Coloured Magnetic Glassboards and Accessories

At Boards Direct you will find Australia's largest range of NAGA glassboards, glass whiteboards, planners and accessories for use at home or in your office. Our range of innovative modern NAGA magnetic glassboards, also known as glass boards or glass whiteboards, are designed to blend seamlessly with any décor naturally; a stylish, clean and contemporary alternative to traditional whiteboards.

Our NAGA glass board range is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and finishes to offer you endless possibilities for different combinations to create an exciting feature in your home or office and withstand many years of frequent use while maintaining a modern aesthetic look.

You can personlise your NAGA board with an extensive range of accessories. All NAGA glassboards are magnetic (unless stated otherwise) and require Super Strong Rare Earth Magnets. Standard whiteboard magnets or fridge magnets are NOT suitable for use on these glass boards. 


NAGA® Key Cabinet Glass Boards

NAGA® nord Magnetic Hexagon Glass Boards 420mm

NAGA® Natural Magnetic Glass Boards 500 x 700mm

NAGA® Coloured Magnetic Glass Boards 450 x 450mm

NAGA® Coloured Magnetic Glass Boards 400 x 600mm

NAGA® Coloured Magnetic Glass Boards 600 x 800mm

NAGA® Coloured Magnetic Glass Boards 1000 x 1000mm

NAGA® Magnetic Glass World Map 800 x 550mm

NAGA® Magnetic Glass Week Planners

NAGA® Magnetic Glass Month Planners

NAGA® Chalk Board with Pine Frame 800 x 600mm

NAGA® Dry Erase Chalk Markers

NAGA® Metal Pen Holder

NAGA® Super Strong Steel Magnets, Pack 6

NAGA® Super Strong Glassboard Magnets OAK Wood, Pack 3

NAGA® Super Strong Magnetic Box

NAGA® Felt Letter Board with Pine Frame 400 x 500mm

NAGA® Signage White Script Words & Phrases, Pack 17

NAGA® Signage White Symbols & Emoji, Pack 53