AGILE Mobile Tablet Whiteboard with 12 Tablets


AGILE Individual Tablet Whiteboards


At the meeting

Whiteboards are intuitive. Easy to use and very democratic. They allow for increased participation by all team members. Just because you don’t have a big voice, doesn’t mean you don’t have the breakthrough idea. Organisations ready for change need to be smart and agile. The Tablet Whiteboard can be worked on by individuals.

Each A3 size Tablet whiteboard is double-sided – with one side featuring a feint grid pattern which is ideal if a graph or more technical drawing is needed. Tablets can be taken back to workstations, written on in break out areas .. brainstorming creativity ! Try doing that in a formal meeting room.

In the classroom

In the classroom

Not everyone learns at the same pace and dividing classes into small groups allows teachers to organize students according to their learning style. That’s when a Tablet Mobile board comes in handy. It helps teachers keep up with tasks and assignments to keep track of students who are following different lesson plans.

The Tablet Mobile board features strong castors offering the ability to move around the room easily, allowing students access to the board wherever the lesson is.