Mobile Room Dividers & Screens

Create stylish privacy in seconds with our range of Mobile Room Dividers and Screens... Organise space, divide rooms, create meeting areas while adding ambience to your working environment. 

Sophisticated, functional and very versatile our Room Dividers Screens double as Mobile Communication Boards with Whiteboard, Glassboard, Glass Whiteboard and Pinboard combinations available in both mobile and freestanding options. Why not link two or more units together to create your ideal flexible workspace.

Communicate™ Whiteboard / Pinboard Room Dividers

Communicate™ Whiteboard Room Dividers

Communicate™ Glassboard / Pinboard Room Dividers

ZIP Acoustic Divider Screens

MODULO Mobile Communication Screen Pinboards

MODULO T-Legs Communication Screen Pinboards

ELEMENT Mobile Communication Stands


VISTA Lightweight Display Screen Pinboards


VISTA Mobile Lightweight Display Screen Pinboards

EDUcate Bay End Pinboard Panels