Communicate™ Confidential Cabinet Whiteboards

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Communicate™ cabinet whiteboards save space – and keep private information locked away!

The ideal solution for privacy and to maximise the writing surface in the modern office or training room.

Can also be used for uncovering pre-prepared work, or covering confidential information.

Whiteboard cabinet with a space saving design. Hinged doors with double-sided whiteboard panels.

Magnetic surface on inside with a non-magnetic whiteboard on outside surfaces.

Magnetic surface has a 8 year guarantee under normal conditions. Separate pen tray supplied.

Lockable via silver allen key head screw.

Size - 1200 x 900 mm closed becomes 2400 x 900 mm open.

The sizes are for the cabinet closed. Once the doors open, the unit will double in width.

Made with environmental bioboard.

Magnetic ReceptiveDry wipe Surface8 Year Guarantee
An environmentally sustainable whiteboard