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Economical boxes of colourful magnetic buttons for your standard magnetic whiteboards...

Four (4) colours - Red, Blue, Green and Yellow

Three (3) sizes - 20, 30 and 40 mm - Four (4) in each colour

That's a total of 48 colourful magnetic buttons, supplied in a handy perspex box, for your standard magnetic whiteboard !

Alternatively we have packs of 16 of the 20 mm magnetic buttons in three (3) individual colours - Red, Blue and Black, supplied in a handy perspex box.

NOTE: Not suitable for use with magnetic glassboards, glass boards or glass whiteboards.

We strongly recommend our Super Strong Skittle Magnets or

NAGA® Super Strong Magnets for your glassboards.

A $13.75 delivery fee may apply if only accessories are purchased (and your total order value is below $150)

Small Order Charge for Accessories may apply