PILOT V-Board Master Whiteboard Markers & Refills

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The PILOT V-Board Master is a refillable whiteboard marker made from 91% recycled plastic with a visible ink level...

Intensely-coloured, light resistant bright liquid ink produces thick clean lines that allows for 10 metre visibility.

The new ink irrigation system allows for instant writing without shaking or pumping as well as a constant ink flow: gone is the marker which writes less and less the more it is used…

A technical innovation, the refillable, liquid ink V-Board Master whiteboard markers are ideal for standard and porcelain whiteboard and glass writing surfaces. Easy to erase, ink disappears without a trace.

Choice of Chisel and Bullet tips. Chisel tip gives 2-5mm line width, Bullet tip gives approx 2 mm line width.

Available in wallets of 5 Assorted Colours or boxes of 10 in your choice of individual Colours; Black, Blue, Red, Green or Orange.

Be well organised with the perfect accessory: an optional magnetic pen holder, for 5 markers, so your favourite PILOT markers are always reachable!  Perfect for any whiteboard (not suitable for use on our glassboards)

Refills with convenient and simple cartridge system. Simply unscrew the old cartridge and replace it with a new one. Refilling is economical and more respectful of the environment. 

A $13.75 delivery fee may apply if only accessories are purchased (and your total order value is below $150)

Bullet TipChisel TipSmall Order Charge for Accessories may apply