Edge LX6000 Slim Frame Sensation Woven Pinboards

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Our new RIM Sensation Woven fabric Pinboards with the ever popular stylish, aesthetically pleasing Edge LX6000 slim frame... just pin it!

These slim framed designer pinboards are ideal for when a highly durable, low maintenance pinnable surface is required. Perfect for commercial offices, classrooms, educational and hospitality sectors.

RIM Sensation is an Australian designed, traditionally woven 100% polyester fabric featuring a light corduroy texture with velvet overtones. RIM Sensation's velvet like finish delivers a feeling of warmth and security to the office environment fostering productivity and energy as employees return to their corporate spaces.

The Edge LX6000 frame provides a stylish slim frame for your RIM Sensation pinboard that enhances any office or workspace environment.

Satin silver edgeless frame with rear mounting split brackets completely hide all fixtures from the board face providing a totally clean and visually appealing look.

Available in 12 sizes from 900 x 600 mm up to 3000 x 1200 mm - Custom sizes and frame colours available.

RIM Sensation is a hugely popular versatile, easy to clean fabric range with a pinnable 12 mm thickness surface available in a range of 36 exciting colours to add personality to your environment

Proudly Australian made.

Installation service available.

RIM Sensation pinboards can be matched with any whiteboard, glassboard or communication board required also using the Edge LX6000 slim frame to fully integrate with your office décor.

Our RIM Sensation pinboards are 'Made To Order' (MTO) - please allow 10-15 days for manufacture.

Important: These 'Made To Order' products may attract a delivery charge to some locations; If so, extra delivery charges will be quoted to you before processing your order for payment.

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