EDUcate Sunflower Wobble Stool 310mm

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Our Sunflower Wobble Stool for kids embraces the concept that moving while you work actually enhances focus and retention...

This flexible seating helps to promote children’s engagement due to the ability to gently move and rock on the stool. Dramatically improve posture and productivity whilst saying goodbye to sitting still.

The Sunflower Wobble Stool is compact, robust yet lightweight, and features a non-slip, rounded stable motion-activated base with an comfy, easy to clean rubber seat.   

Base dimension - 330 mm diameter width.  Fixed seat height 310 mm

Stools sold individually - Available in 4 fun colours: Ocean Blue, Lake Green, Orange and Dark Red.

A variety of sizes to suit everyone from kindergarten kids to grown ups.

As a general rule, we suggest 310 mm for kindergarten, 370 mm for lower primary, 450 mm for upper
primary and 520 mm for high school/adult.

Need a different height stool?
Check out our alternative size 370 mm (EBS37), 450 mm (EBS45) or 520 mm (EBS52) high stools.

Self-assembly required.

Ideal for classroom, kindergarten, preschool, school, library and educational facilities. 

Self-Assembly Required
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