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Keep your day organised with the versatile GlassNote Desktop Glassboard...

Minimal design compliments any desktop space or aesthetic... Small enough to be kept on a desktop, but large enough to keep all your notes organised and visible.

A conscious alternative to sticky paper notes; Write notes and reminders and wipe clean the dry erase glass surface when they are no longer needed.  Save paper, save waste.

Magnetic receptive glassboard surface featuring soft rounded edges. Lightweight with a stable grip stand

Featuring a built-in storage compartment for holding up to 6 regular sized dry erase markers, pens or other small items that you may need to grab quickly.

  • Overall size (H x W x D) - 203 x 230 x 113 mm
  • Glass size (H x W x D) - 203 x 230 x 3 mm
  • Storage compartment internal size (H x W x D) - 25 x 123 x 109 mm
Please note: GlassNote is NOT sold with any markers or accessories.

* Standard whiteboard magnets or fridge magnets are NOT suitable for use on these glass boards. Super strong magnets, also known as Rare Earth magnets, are the only magnets that our GlassNote Desktop Glassboards will hold.

The perfect accessory for any school, home, or work desk - More than 50 billion paper sticky notes are sold every year. Save paper, use GlassNote...

A $13.75 delivery fee may apply if only accessories are purchased (and your total order value is below $150)

Magnetic ReceptiveDry wipe SurfaceSmall Order Charge for Accessories may apply