TX Weather Resistant Notice Cases

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TX Weather Resistant Notice Cases... The ideal information display case for outdoor areas.

Clean look, modern design aluminium frame in satin silver finish with no visible hinges - internal pivoting design. 50 mm front face. 40 mm depth from the wall

Unique water resistant design with double weatherproofing. A black rubber seal on the board frame and a clear seal on the door frame. Double protection!

For added integrity the back of each case is laminated.

Standard back board is bulletin board natural cork - 100% environmentally friendly.

A magnetic whiteboard surface can optionally be supplied at extra cost as a 'Made To Order' (MTO) product - please allow 10-15 days for manufacture.

All cases have a single lock with 2 keys provided. 

TX Notice Cases can be mounted either vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape)

Installation service available.

Update: All metal stays have now been removed from TX Cases due to WHS concerns that people were relying on the stays to remain in place on extremely windy days. On windy days we suggest that a 2nd person protects the door from inadvertently closing.

Important: This is a freight sensitive product and extra delivery charges may apply.

Pinnable SurfaceMade to Order
An environmentally sustainable whiteboard